Read : June 28 - July 1
Category : Audiobooks
Pages : 416 pages

The Kitchen God's Wife is the powerful story of the personal hardships and struggles of a Chinese woman during the Chinese war with Japan. During the narrative, the reader gets a peek into this part of Chinese history as well as the culture and societal prejudices.
This overwhelming story tells of the degradation of an abusive husband and the triumph of the human spirit. It probes into the role of the Chinese culture of the time and how the secrets of families effect their members in unforeseen manners. Winnie's forced by her "sister" to reveal all of her secrets to her daughter. Her life story is filled with misfortune and hope. At times depressing and at others inspiring, this entrancing, vibrant, elegant, and unforgettable tale of womanhood, fortitude, and love, is intertwined with light comedy and the curative power of truth.

Winnie's tale shows the inhumanity of arranged marriages and horrific treatment of women. As Winnie relates the events of her life before her emigration to a new life in the USA, the steadfast devotion and loyalty of her female friends support Winnie and aid her flight to freedom. In the end, their continued assistance bring her closer to her daughter at time when they both need each other.

This was a very difficult book to read because of the horror that is conveyed in this tale. If nothing else it makes you appreciate the freedom of our society and the blessings of our lives.

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