FATALLY FLAKY by Diane Mott Davidson

Read : June 28 - July 1
Category : New Books in a Old Series
Pages : 474 pages

Bridezilla Billie is getting Goldy ready to tear her hair out. The bride has changed the date three times, the menu twice, and now in the middle of catering another wedding, Billie informs Goldy that she has added 50 additional guests for her wedding 2 days away which means that there has to be a venue change as well as more preparation cooking.

In the meantime, Goldy's old doctor is found dead at the bottom a ravine, which leads her dear godfather to investigating the cause. When he is found mugged at the reception for Bridezilla Billie, and later dies, Goldy takes over. Lead by clues from her godfather and her overwhelming need to find out what happens to her friend and loved one, Goldy gets involved in intrigue surrounding fraud, drugs and murder.This was a quick read because the story kept drawing you further and further into the web before your intuition glistens. Davidson never fails IMHO!

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