Show Time ★★★ by Suzanne Trauth

This new series' central character Dodie has moved to a small town in NJ after her home and employment are destroyed on the Jersey shore by Hurricane Sandy.  Dodie has made new friends and found a job as a restaurant manager but when a friend asks her to help at the local theater, Dodie jumps in.  The theater staff want her to use her skills keeping rehearsals running on schedule, but finding another friend dead on the loading dock, has her switching priorities to find the killer.

The story started out a little slow and the characters definitely need a bit more individuality. (I had trouble keeping some of them straight mainly because they didn't have full names and backgrounds)  Just a name doesn't give an  idea of where a character fits in the story and if that name isn't frequently used, then you run into trouble.

I can see potential in the series.

Series/ Progress: Dodie O'Dell Mystery  1/1
DATE READ: June 18 - June 22
Type of Book e-book
SOURCE: NetGalley

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