Corridors of the Night ★★★½ by Anne Perry

In this 21st installment of the William Monk series, Hester Monk takes front and center when she agrees to fill in for a nursing associate from the Crimea at a private hospital.  Being on the night shift, she unexpectedly meets a small girl in the corridor saying that her brother is dying.  What Hester finds is a small boy who has been used for a blood donor excessively and is now extremely dehydrated.  Taking the responsibility of nursing this child instead of the main ward where she was assigned, Hester gets herself caught in a web of secrecy and eventually is kidnapped.  Realizing that the only way to protect the children used in an unauthorized medical experiment is to participate, Hester is caught up in the intrigue.

Monk, in the meantime, is determined to find his wife when she doesn't return home and no one at the hospital can tell him where she is.

The medical aspects of this tale were interesting, relating the out of date procedures of over 100 years ago for the treatment of Leukemia.  Using transfusions at this time were a hit or miss event since the discovery of the current blood types wasn't made until 1901.

Series/ Progress: William Monk 21/21
DATE READ: April 27 - May 31
Type of Book AUDIOBOOK
SOURCE: audio stockpile

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