Murder in the Paperback Parlor ★★★★½ by Ellery Adams

Jane Steward the Guardian at Storyton Hall in rural Virginia is hosting a Romance seminar for Valentine's Day with several well-known Regency Romance writers coming to schmooze with their fans.  On their arrival Jane realizes that all is not love and roses in this highly competitive field and when the top author, Rosamund York, is found dead in the garden Jane has to summon up all her skill to protect the Hall as well as her guests.

I really wish this place existed but I've tried every way of searching, and alas the only book/reading retreats seem to be in Europe and my budget can't handle that.  I guess I'm just going to have to continue visiting Storyton in these books.  Absolutely love them!

Series/ Progress: Book Retreat Mystery 2/3
DATE READ: May 22 - May 24
Type of Book e book

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