Crime and Poetry ★★★½ by Amanda Flower

Violet Weatherly gets an urgent message from her grandmother saying that she's dying so she jumps in her car, leaves Chicago and rushes to Upstate New York and finds that her grandmother is fine. Grandma Daisy just needed her to be home. Violet  had left home 12 years ago and now she has to face all the demons that she'd left behind.   What she finds on her return is a magical tree that grows within the Bookshop that her grandmother has been running ever since she was a small child now she finds out she's the one who's supposed to take over and continue the magic  but can she?

The human characters were a bit ordinary, but the cat Emerson and the crow Faulkner (in a bookshop, remember) add the necessary variety that will carry this on.

A good first for a series.

Series/ Progress: Magical Bookshop 1/1
DATE READ: April 12 - April 16
Type of Book e-book
SOURCE: NetGalley

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