Clouds in my Coffee] ★★★★ by Julie Mulhern

Ellison Russell has been having a rough few months - finding dead bodies including her husband, she feels a bit put upon when her mother insists that she attend the fundraiser and it doesn't get better when she is nearly killed by a falling statue.
Add in unwanted houseguests (her quirky aunt and selfish sister) and Ellison has her hands full with even more near death encounters.  Detective Jones even takes up residence to protect her since apparently she has become a murderer's target.  
I absolutely love this series - the characters are so well thought out, the mysteries enthralling and the setting of the 70's takes me back to my youth. 
Series/ Progress: Country Club Murders 3/3
DATE READ: April 17 - April 18
Type of Book e-book
SOURCE: NetGalley

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