Murder on Wheels ★★★½ by Lynn Cahoon

Jill's life seems to be settling down, and as the book opens Jill along with her boyfriend Greg are on a geocaching adventure.  Jill meets the club president Kacey and finds out that she is opening a new business in a food truck and she will be serving gluten free treats.  Then she finds that Kacey is the wife of her friend Sadie Mathews' ex-boyfriend, Austin.  Since Sadie is a baker and Austin pilfered several of her recipes, Jill is figuring that Sadie's recipes have end up in Kacey's hands.

When Kacey is found dead, Jill is concerned that the authorities will believe that Sadie has a serious motive and starts her behind the scenes investigation to make sure that the right person is arrested.

I love this series because the characters are lively and the setting is fun.  Looking forward to the next in the series when it comes out later this year.

Series/ Progress: Tourist Trap Mysteries 6/6
DATE READ: March 5 - March 8
Type of Book E-book
SOURCE: NetGalley

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