Foreign Eclairs ★★★★½ by Julie Hyzy

Married life is as unsettled as before for Ollie and Gav.  He's off on a mission and she's trying to stay out of  trouble and hire a new chef.  But try as she might Ollie can't avoid danger.  Mugged on the way home, she is not the only White House staffer having trouble. Peter Sergeant's assistant goes missing and is later found murdered.  Secret Service determine that both instances are related and that Ollie is in great danger.

The danger and how the issues revolve around Ollie will keep the reader on the edge of their seat, permanently!

I was so looking forward to this the next in the White House Chef series but when I found out that it was the last in the series, I put off reading it because I didn't want these characters to end.

This was best in the series so Ms. Hyzy has done Ollie and Gav proud by leaving the reader wanting more.

I haven't read any of Ms Hyzy's other series, but now that Ollie and Gav are going into the sunset, I will hopefully finding characters and stories that are as entertaining and as well written.

Well done Julie Hyzy!  Your books in this series were tremendous!

Series/ Progress: White House Chef  9/9
DATE READ: March 1 - March 3
Type of Book ARD
SOURCE: Barnes & Noble

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