Guaranteed to Bleed ★★★★ by Julie Mulhern

At a high school football game, Ellison drops her French lipstick through the bleachers and discovers a young man shot beneath the crowd and no one heard a thing.  Tasked by the young boy to "tell her I loved her" Ellison undertakes the challenge to find his girlfriend but it proves harder than she expected since no one knows who she is.

Set in the 70's with no modern technology, I still enjoy the mystery and characters.  Technology is not missed at all.

When I read the second in a series shortly after the first, the writer definitely got me.  I'm anxious for #3 which comes out in a few months.

Series/ Progress: Country Club Murders 2/3
DATE READ: February 21 - February 24
Type of Book e-book
SOURCE: Nook Stockpile

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