Wilson by A. Scott Berg

In this current day and age when presidents are either career politicians or from the military, how wonderful would it be if we had candidates that were thinking of the good of the nation and not their own pockets and careers?

Thomas Woodrow Wilson appears to have been such a man, thinking first of the citizens and their needs before his own.  He was an academician who was elected Governor of NJ and from here to the White House.  If Teddy Roosevelt hadn't decided that he wanted to get back in the Presidency, and hadn't split the voters, I'm not sure that Wilson would have been elected, but Wilson's presidency was at time when the nation needed his constancy and clear head.

He was responsible for the Federal Reserve Act, Federal Trade Commission, and the Federal Farm Loan Act.  He also was a major player in the plans of the League of Nations at the end of World War I.  I'm not sure that the man gets his just recognition.

A very informative book and the even with the volume of pages, still a good source for Wilson's bio.


GENRE: History
CHARACTERS: Woodrow Wilson
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DATE READ: August 24 - November 14
NO. OF PAGES: 1,134
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