For Your Love by Beverly Jenkins

I love this series!  No matter what nasty things happen to the residents of Henry Adams, KS they are still loving and supportive to each other, helping when others have hard times and the head do-gooder is Ms. Bernadine Brown.  But don't think that Ms. Brown is a push over, no siree.

Bernadine Brown may have millions and has worked tirelessly to help the residents in the town she bought but she makes them earn every blessing by working together.

This time we see a young couple who are friends of Bernadine's adopted daughter who because of a disadvantaged upbringing are battling to stay afloat with their young offspring.  They come to town at the invitation of the friend and find not only a well-paying job but a home to live in and a truck to get them around.

In the meantime, Mayor Trent July is informed that his birth mother has come to see him.  Ms. Brown has to deal with the mayor of Franklin, the next town over, who is jealous of the success and revitalization of Henry Adams and whose mean spirit has the HA residents welcoming refugees.

I look forward to the next visit to Henry Adams, Kansas.


GENRE: Fiction
Series/ Progress: Blessings 6/6
DATE READ: September 14 - September 14
Challenges: 75, Category, TIOLI , 
SOURCE: LibraryThing Early Reviewers

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