Angel's Advocate by Mary Stanton

Bree Winthrop-Beaufort is a lawyer but her usual clients are not among the living so when her aunt asks her to help her friends daughter, Lindsey, she feels compelled to do so.  Lindsey is accused of a drive by snatch and grab of an 8 yr. old Girl Scout's cookie money which has the neighborhood up in arms.  When Bree goes to meet with Lindsey and her mother, she is accosted by another client - the spirit of Lindsey's father who is seeking a retrial in the Celestial Courts.

I'm not usually the paranormal mystery type but this series is my exception.  I love the characters and the way the author weaves the supernatural and the natural together.


GENRE: Cozy Mystery
CHARACTERS: Bree Winthrop-Beaufort, Lindsey Chandler, Probert Chandler, Carrie-Alice Chandler, Sam Hunter
Series/ Progress: Beaufort & Company 2/5
DATE READ: September 17 - September 20
Challenges: 75, Category, TIOLI , ALPHAKIT, 

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