A Taste For Murder by Claudia Bishop

The town of Hemlock Falls is in the midst of preparations for History Days when several unexpected guests arrive at the Hemlock Falls Inn.  Mrs.Hallenback and her companion asked for a specific room but were given another and Keith Baumer arrived without a reservation.

Problems continue with the  portrayer of the central character of the history play falling ill,  a suspected food critics arrival, the death of one of the townsfolk during play rehearsal, and the disappearance of the inn manager.

Sarah Quiliam the owner needs to get to the bottom of the problems before her property is shut down and she loses her investment.

The details of the history play as well as the "Holy Rollers" arrival added a touch of humor and kept the story moving to an interesting conclusion.  I had to look closely at the publication date because I was wondering where the tech items until I realized when this was written.

THANKS  LINDA P!  Now I have 17 more books to add to my wishlist!  


GENRE: Cozy Mystery
CHARACTERS: Sarah Quilliam, Meg Quilliam, Marge Schmidt, John Raintree, Amelia Hallenback, Mavis Collinworth, Keith Baumer
Series/ Progress: Hemlock Falls Mystery  1/18
DATE READ: August 27 - August 31
Challenges: 75, Category, TIOLI , AlphaKit
SOURCE: Gift from Linda P.

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