Read It and Weep by Jenn McKinlay

Library  Lover's Mysteries just seem to be getting better.  In this installment, Lindsay, the librarian, is helping her friend Violet with a Shakespearean production at the community theater.  A friend of Violet's, a well-known actor agrees to a part but before the show goes on, he is carried away dying from poisoning and it wasn't the first attempt on his life.

Lindsay works to uncover who and why the actor was a target and the surprise ending was as dramatic as Shakespeare would have wanted.

Great fun!


GENRE: Cozy Mystery
CHARACTERS: Lindsay Norris, Violet LaRue, Charlotte LaRue, Robbie Vine, Sully, Dylan Peet, Joanie Peet
Series/ Progress: Library Lover's 4/6
DATE READ: July 12 - July 16
Challenges: 75, Category, TIOLI, AlphaKit
SOURCE: Nook Stockpile

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