Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling by Ross King

This was an interesting book that at times got weighed down by the descriptions in vast detail of the processes that were used for different types of painting including but not restricted to the frescos that were painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  This was really more a combined biography of Michelangelo, Pope Julius II, and Raphael.

The pictures of the Sistine Chapel frescos were beautiful but it would have been much nicer if they had not been all lumped together in one pictures but the panels shown individually.  I often had to search the Internet for an individual image so that I could understand what the writer was talking about.


GENRE: Children's
CHARACTERS: Michelangelo, Pope Julius II, Donato Bramante, Piero Rosselli, Raphael
Series/ Progress:
DATE READ: June 14 - June 29
Challenges: 75, Category, TIOLI, HistoryCat
SOURCE: library

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