The Long Way Home by Louise Penny

Armand Gamache has settled into his retirement with Rein-Marie in the quaint village of Three Pines bu after a year Clara Morrow throws a kink into his free time by persauding him to find her missing husband, Peter.

Using his contacts at the Sureté, Gamache gets a timeline of Peter's moves but then nothing.  With Clara leading the way while Rein-Marie does research about what they do know, finding Peter becomes a process of following gut feelings - will they find him in time?

Peter wasn't one of my favorite characters from Three Pines being self-centered and selfish - but with what was revealed in this book,  I'm glad that Ms. Penny made Peter the focus of this book.


GENRE: Mystery
CHARACTERS: Armande Gamache, Clara Morrow, Myrna Landers, Paul Massey, Peter Morrow
Series/ Progress: Three Pines  10/10
DATE READ: May 6 - May 9
Challenges: 75, Category, TIOLI, AlphaKit

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