Francesca: The Silk Merchant's Daughters by Bertrice Small

Giovanni Pietro D'Angelo, a wealthy silk merchant in Florence has been contacted my Lorenzo di Medici concerning his second daughter Francesca.  Titus Cesare, Duke of Torreno Boscoso, is seeking a wife for his heir and di Medici wants Francesca to be one of the 3 candidates.  After arguing with her father, Francesca reluctantly agrees to travel to Torreno Boscoso to meet the future Duke.
Two other young women are also to be considered and the young heir will choose from the 3 maidens.  

When Francesca is selected she flees into the forest in an attempt to escape her fate but there she undergoes a change - realizing what she may have lost as well as what she may have found. 

Francesca's transformation from a spoiled aristocrat to  the new duchessa is what is needed for she and the new duke to survive the difficulties ahead.

I wasn't fond of the ending but it did have a purpose.


GENRE: Romance
CHARACTERS: Francesca, Rafaello, Titus Cesare, Terza,Alonza, Raoul du Barry
Series/ Progress: Silk Merchant's Daughters  2/4
DATE READ: April 18 - April 22
Challenges: 75, Category, TIOLI, AlphaKit
SOURCE: Nook Stockpile

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