About Face by Donna Leon


Commissario Brunetti is caught in two mysteries - one at the office when another officer is found dead (supposedly suicide) and a woman who fascinates Guido because she is not only beautiful with a unique aspect to her face due to plastic surgery but she reads the classics - Cicero and Ovid.

The interwoven story is a page-turner moving along to a satisfactory conclusion for all.


GENRE: mystery
SUBJECT: toxic dumping
Setting: Venice, Italy
CHARACTERS: Guido Brunetti, Paola Brunetti, Lorenzo Vianello, Filipo Guarino, Stefano Ranzato, Count Orazio Falier, Franca Marinello
DATE READ: December 8 - December 13
Challenges: 75, Category, TIOLI, 
SOURCE: audio stockpile

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