The Emerald City of Oz by L. Frank Baum

Aunt Em and Uncle Henry's farm is going to foreclosure so Dorothy has  Ozma transport them all to Oz.

Dorothy takes her relarives on a tour of the different regions and they meet Rigamaroles, Flutterbudgets, and other interesting creatures.  Meantime, the Nome King has decided that he wants his Magic Belt back and drafts a new general to recruit help from the Whimsies, Growley Wogs, and the Phanfasms.

Fun story with a really cute ending.


GENRE: Classic
SUBJECT: revenge, relocation
Setting: Oz
CHARACTERS: Dorothy, Aunt Em, Uncle Henry, Ozma, Nome King
DATE READ: October 31 - November 3
Challenges: 75, Category, TIOLI,
SOURCE: Nook stockpile

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