April was filled with several books that were considered chunksters (over 400 pages)  (♫ is for audio books  ß is for e-books)  I also completed category #8 You Make Me Feel Brand New - books released in the last 12 months - with 5 books I reached the goal of 33+ pts.
I read my first "graphic novel", at least that's how the library categorized it, but from chats with others it really wasn't a full fledged graphic novel, so I'll have to keep looking for one.
 At the beginning of the month, I had 12 books on the list to read with 6 chunksters, knowing full well I'd never get them all done, I said I'd be happy with 75% but I only managed 62%  but 2 more books should be finished before the end of the week.

Number of series brought current this month/year 4/10

Here are the books that I read this Month 

Threaded for Trouble  (series current)  new one due in June 320pgs
The invention of Hugo Cabret 525pgs
Book, Line, and Sinker  (series current)  new one due out July 292pgs
Night Watch  (series current)  New one due out in November 496pgs
Fountainhead 754pgs
The Rope  (series current) 579pgs
Time and Chance 548pgs

Best of the Month: The Rope
Worst of the Month Fountainhead 

Acquisition: (New: 1 Pre-owned before 2013: 3  Borrowed: 3 ARC/ER: 0  Total:7)
TIOLI - Books read : 7  Books read for TIOLI Challenges:7   100%
E-books 3
ARDs (paperbooks) 2
Audiobooks 2

History 0
Biography/Memoir 0
Religion 0

General Fiction 2
Cozy Mystery 2
Mystery 2
Young Adult/Fantasy 0
Historical Fiction 1

Personal Cataloging:

The book that kept me breathless: The Rope
The mystery that I enjoyed reading the most: The Rope
Biggest disappointment: Fountainhead
Book that gave the most smiles/laughs: Threaded for Trouble
Book I wish I'd read sooner: The Rope
Best Recommended book: Time and Chance
The book with the most surprises: The Rope
Most thought provoking book:Night Watch
Series book that has me wanting the next one NOW!: Threaded for Trouble
Best Audio book: The Rope
Book I am still working on: The Enchantress
Book I'm glad I finished: The Fountainhead

Projected May Reads:  (Again, I have to get real!)
This time I'm shooting for 75% since I still have a few real chunksters!
22 books is really beyond my abilities but we'll see how many I can manage. ★ indicates priority
★Lost  and Fondue
★The Enchantress (chunkster)
★Heat Rises
Stitch me Deadly
★Game of Thrones (chunkster)
★Manifest Injustice
★Dream Eyes
The Golden Door
★Fireworks Over Toccoa
★Saturday Night Widows
★The House at Riverton (chunkster)
The Second Rule Of Ten: A Tenzing Norbu Mystery
Heretic's Daughter
Rose Harbor in Bloom (chunkster)
Family Tree
★His Majesty's Hope
One Step Too Far
the Day the Falls Stood Still
★The Map of True Places LP
★Any Bitter Thing: A Novel
Crossing Places

With all the activities that are planned this month, I wonder how far I'll get.  Here's the non-reading agenda for May:

May 4th  Country Club 50th anniversary Dinner/Dance  (I'm working on the slide presentation)
May 8th - Member Council mtg - Country Club - I'm the minute taker
May 10th  - (happy birthday, tutu) bridge club
May 11th  Family Feud at the Country Club (my husband and I are coordinators)
May 12th - Mother's Day - drive up (1 hr) to see Mom and take her to dinner
May 16th - BUNCO charity event (I'm the coordinator)
May 17th weekend -Family event in Pittsburgh
May 25th - our wedding anniversary
Memorial Day Weekend
May 29th - book club (my birthday)


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