National Library Week

I love books, as you can easily tell from this blog, and I love to own them, but sometimes that just isn't practical since space is required for real books.  So the Public Library is the next best thing. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) my local library is undergoing a massive renovation so I can't just pop in every other day to browse the shelves or pick up the newest book being raved about. 

But that doesn't stop me from using the facilities that are available to me from the Public Library system.  E- books are available from their website for download as well as audiobooks through OverDrive.  And the website actually lets me reserve books to be picked up at the non-local branch that I visit once a week. They also have a nifty little feature that allows me to request a hold on a book but also tell them when I want to read it.  Sadly it doesn't move me up in the queue on books that I want to read that are popular (I'm 147 in the queue for the newest Jodi Piccolt book that I need to read for my June book club - will I get it in time?)

But our Public Libraries are more than just a collection of books, no matter what type - ebooks, audio, paperback, or hardback -  or magazines, they are the wonderful librarians who are there to help you find the information for which you are searching or just recommend a good book.  Don't forget to thank those librarians next time you are there.   They do an awesome job!

So take a trip to your library thus weekend and show the government that l8braries are a necessary and well-loved part of our communities.

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Rosefire said...

Hello there Cheli,
My daughter (Mareena) and I are planning on going to the library together tomorrow and neither of us realized it was actually Library Week! :) LOL!!