Cleanup those ARCs

Together with Kimberly @ The Windy Pages, Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer will be hosting a challenge to clean up those ARCs that have been wallowing on our shelves just waiting to be read. The challenge begins on May 1 and ends on the 31st. 

The goal: to read and review as many ARC's as we can. There  will be fun challenges each Saturday hosted by some wonderful bloggers and a prize for two lucky participants at the end of the challenge. So gather your ARCs and your brooms and join in to have some fun! 

Here are the books that I am hoping to get read:

His Majesty's Hope
Rose Harbor in Bloom
The Rose Throne
Dream Eyes
Manifest Injustice
Saturday Night Widows
Family Tree
The Golden Door
One Step Too Far
The Second Rule of Ten
A Pride of Kings
Forgotten Presidents
The White House 

Let's all get our shelves cleaned of the ARCs!


Book Dragon said...

I'm so glad you're doing this one! I would have missed it and I need it badly.

My posted list is shorter than yours but only because I didn't go upstairs and look at my shelves. {blush}

Good luck on finishing and happy reading

Angelica Joy said...

Cheli good luck with your ARC's for May, hope you get through all you want to read :D