I was reading the Broke and the Bookish and saw her meme Top Ten Tuesday.  I'm a day late but I'm still going to play.  This week it's Reading goals for 2013.

So here are my Top Ten 2013 reading goals:

  1. Read 105 books from my shelf  (35 ea audio, e-book, ARD)
  2. Read at least 45,000 pages
  3. Read at least 6 books in 13 categories selected for 2013
  4. Read books to bring at least 10 series up-to-date
  5. Read the first 2 Fire and Ice series books
  6. Read at least 4 CLASSICS
  7. Read a book over 500 pages long
  8. Read the Sharon Kay Penman series
  9. Read my first graphic novel
10. Read at least 5 books borrowed from Tina (I've borrowed them, now I need to read them and get them back to her)

My other big goal for 2013 is to try to reduce the number of new books coming to my possession this year.  In 2012 I acquired over 150 books.
This year I'd like to keep it under 100.


kimbacaffeinate said...

Awesome goals..but I laughed about not acquiring new books..when you said under 100..and I laughed..spoken like a true book addict!

Cindy B said...

Good luck with all of them! I haven't decided what my goals are going to be, but I know I want to read more of the books in my house, and then weed out my collection! I guess that's not a reading goal, but I need to get rid of some of these books. I have books I don't even know I have!

Cozy in Texas said...

Amazing goals. I whittled down my book shelf last year and intend to spend more time at the library this year.