Willful Behaviour by Donna Leon


Genre: Mystery
Subject: jealousy, hidden art treasures,
Setting: Venice Italy
Main Characters: Commissiaro Guido Brunetti, Claudia Leonardo, Heddy Jacobs
Series: yes, #11 Commissario Brunetti mysteries
Dates Read: September 5 - September 9
Number of pages: 320
Off the Shelf (pre-2012)? Source?: yes, audio stockpile
Category for 12 in 12 challenge: Speech class

In this 11th installment of the Commissario Brunetti mysteries, this one starts with Guido's wife Paola presenting him with an odd question that had been posed to her by one of her students. Claudia Leonardo knew that Paola's husband was a policeman and asked if she could find out if there was a way legally to have a person who had been convicted and sentenced for a crime declared innocent.

When Paola posed the question, Guido hedged, stating that he had to know the nature of the crime before he could give any kind of valid answer. So Paola sent Claudia to visit Commissario Guido Brunetti at his office to pose the question herself. Claudia gives the barest facts and no names. Guido is intrigued but thinks no more of it until he finds that his newest murder victim is none other than Claudia Leonardo.

After tracking down those who may know why Claudia was killed, Guido discovers Nazi Collaborators with a stockpile of millions in art treasures. Interwoven is a minor tale of municipal corruption and bribery.

This one of absolutely fascinating up until the last few chapters. The ending was, IMO, a little anticlimactic but overall a very good read.

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