From the tow-path to the White House by James Brisbin


Genre: Biography
Subject: James A Garfield
Setting:  USA
Main Characters: James A Garfield
Series:  no
Dates Read: September 10 - September 26
Number of pages:   588
Off the Shelf (pre-2012)? Source?:  Nook Freebie
Category for 12 in 12 challenge: History Class

This biography only dealt with the early portion of Garfield's life up to his nomination for President. It detailed his education, military experience, preaching proficiency (came in handy as a politician), and his political career.  It, however, IMHO,overflowed with his interaction with others, carried far too many quotes (entire political speeches, complete letters - pages and pages), overdid the nomination coverage (it was about as long as the 36 ballots at the convention), and very little coverage of the issues with which he was confronted at that time.

I'm moving on to something that actually should inform me of the issues of the day and his short-lived Presidency.  This book was a Freebie from Barnes & Noble, glad I didn't pay for it.  Not recommended.

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