Due or Die by Jenn McKinlay

Subject: friendship, pet adoptions, honoring vows
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Setting: Briar Creek CT
Main Characters: Lindsay Norris, Carrie Rushton, Mike Sullivan, Edmund Sent
Series: yes, #2 Library Lovers Mysteries
Dates Read: September 7 - September 9
Number of pages: 304
Off the Shelf (pre-2012)? Source?: no, bought for Nook
Category for 12 in 12 challenge: Class Schedule

The crafternooners have gathered at the library and are startled when a small puppy is brought to them having been found in the book drop. They oo and ah because he really is adorable and persuade Lindsey to look after him until a new owner can be found and she reluctantly agrees.

That same evening, the Friends of the Library hold a meeting and elect Carrie as their President. The old President, Bill Sent, is angry but turns over all the keys and such to Carrie and drives off. Lindsey goes home with Carrie along with Sully and they discover that Carrie's husband has been murdered.

The next day Lindsey is nearly run over by Marjorie Bilson (Batty Bilson) who is sweet on Bill Sent, and urges Lindsey to get Bill back to the top of the Friends.

Events keep swirling around, along with the snow that keeps falling and falling in blizzard proportions as Lindsey with Heathcliff (the dog) make every effort to solve the murder and keep themselves alive at the same time.

This book was so much fun! Between the matchmaking ladies and the zany dog and people traipsing through blizzard conditions, you have to laugh. When did the puppy get housebroken? Nobody seemed to go out in the snow unless it was to get into trouble. The clues to the mystery were well woven throughout and, again, the characters were great. The next one comes out in December, I'll be watching for it!

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