Summer Breeze by Nancy Thayer


Genre: Fiction
Subject: stages of a love relationships, friendships
Setting: Dragonfly Lake
Main Characters: Bella Barnaby, Natalie Reynolds, Morgan O'Keefe, Aaron Waterhouse, Ben Barnaby, Josh O'Keefe, Slade Reynolds
Series: no
Dates Read: August 13 - August 18
Number of pages: 368
Off the Shelf (pre-2012)? Source?: yes, received from LT for review
Category for 12 in 12 challenge: Homework

This book is the typical summer beach read - young women looking for love, young men with other things on their mind. The interesting concept for me was that the relationships showcased were in different stages and yet they managed to overlap.

Morgan is married to Josh who has just taken a new job with a very prestigious firm and he wants his wife and young son to have a big house right on the lake where they meet Bella. Bella is in a relationship with Aaron who is interviewing for a job in San Francisco and if they stay together, would necessitate Bella leaving Dragonfly Lake and her new business. Natalie, an artist, is housesitting for her aunt and is living next door to Morgan. The 3 woman become fast friends. Trouble arrives in the figure of Slade, Natalie's brother, who takes a shine not only to Bella but Morgan as well.

Relationships get even more jumbled when Morgan is unhappy because Josh is working too many hours, Natalie gets involved with Bella's brother, Ben, and Slade is trying to influence Bella into a relationship as well as business dealings.

The story was okay, but I think that there were just too many relationships, too many twists. Two relationships in the story would have been sufficient and made more room for emotional expansion. Overall an okay for the beach.

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