Mailbox Monday

My Mailbox has been exploding!

Lately, I've been so busy and I haven't gotten around to letting everyone know what's been coming in my mail. So now I'm going to try to catch up on the books that coming through snail mail and electronically as well, at least for June.

First, I want to identify the e-books that I have gotten FREE! There is a program on Facebook that identifies the free books that are out there from Barnes & Noble and Amazon for Nook and Kindle. - Book Bub. I have 2 Nooks - regular and Touch Glow and use Kindle for PC.

So here are the e-books that I got in June so far...
These were free from Barnes & Noble:
  1. Through a Glass Darkly 6/1/12
  2. Still Life With Murder 6/6/12
  3. The Duchess of Love 6/6/12
  4. The Wary Widow 6/7/12
  5. Dead Tease 6/17/12
  6. Peaches 6/21/12
  7. Birdman 6/22/12
  8. Dawn of War 6/25/12
  9. Hide in Plain Sight 6/25/12
I also picked up these free from Amazon
  1. Just Deceits 6/17/12
  2. The Deal 6/22/12
  3. Solomon vs. Lord 6/25/12
I also got a few free real books (ARDs)
  1. The Queen's Vow - 6/8/12 - an Early Reviewer book I won from LibraryThing
  2. Hearse and Buggy - 6/18/12 - an ARC awarded by Penguin Group through Shelf Awareness
  3. The Aluminum Christmas Tree 6/23/12 gift from Whisper1 This one is very special to me because it came from my friend at LT.
So 12 books so far this month. I'm losing ground against the mountain TBR.
But I'll enjoy suffering!

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