Superior Saturday by Garth Nix

Genre: Fantasy
Setting: the House
Main Characters: Arthur Penhaligan, Suzie Turquoise Blue, Lady Saturday
Series: yes, #6 Keys to the Kingdom
Dates Read: April 2
Number of pages: 278
Off the Shelf (pre-2012)? Source?: yes, Audio stockpile
Category for 12 in 12 challenge: Math class

Arthur Penhaligan , Rightful Heir of the Architect, has successfully defeated 5 of the immortal Trustees (Monday through Friday). But now he must tackle the two strongest of the Trustees and starting with Superior Saturday, the most powerful Sorceress in the House. Saturday is attempting to destroy the Lower House while reaching for the Incomparable Gardens above the Upper House occupied by Lord Sunday.

As Arthur prepares for his next adventure, he realizes that Superior Saturday's actions are threatening his home on Earth and he has to stop time there to prevent a nuclear attack. Every time Arthur uses his magical powers from the Keys he has in his possession, he gets closer and closer to losing his humanity and turning into a Denizen. He struggles with this loss of identity, trying to do what is needed but trying to maintain his personality and humanity as well.

While searching for the 6th part of the Will, Arthur makes use of the special talents of the rats who can travel between realms easily, after determining where the Will is, he proceeds on his quest. Arthur must succeed before Saturday destroys the House and therefore the secondary Realms which include Earth.

This book was my least favorite of the series in that there was little originality to the story. Garth Nix seems to be patterning the books on the Seven Deadly sins and this book would have Saturday being the sin of Lust. A bit of a stretch with his "yearning" to reach the Incomparable Gardens and Sunday's position of power. It seems that if Saturday was the most powerful Sorceress, we would have had a great deal more action and struggles than what appeared here.

Still a fun read and a decent prelude to the finish.

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