The Princess and the Bear by Mette Ivie Harrison

Genre: Youth Fiction, fantasy
Subject: superstition, magic
Sertting: Elolira
Main Characters: Richon, Chala
Series: yes, #2 The Princess and ….
Dates Read: March 1 - March 4
Number of pages: 322
Off the Shelf (pre-2012)? Source?: no, public library
Category for 12 in 12 challenge: Foreign Languages
This book is a supplement to the Princess and
the Hound and yet it tells the reason of why that
book started in the first place.
King Richon objected to the animal magic that
spread through his kingdom so he made it a
criminal offense. Because of this a magic man
turned the king into a bear and for two hundred
years the bear wonders alone and never understood
by any of the other animals. Then he meets Chala
a hound who had been the Princess' companion
(of TP&TH) where for a while she had been the
princess. Realizing that the time had come for
efforts to solve the problem, the bear and hound
go back to the magic man.
The story that follows shows how short-sighted
individuals can learn to progress and accept
others for who and what they are.

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