Title:Book of Lost Fragrances ★★½
Author: M.J.Rose
Genre: Mystery
Subject: reincarnation, perfumery, Dalai Llama
Setting: Tibet, Paris, New York
Main Characters: Robert and Jacinthe L'Etoile
Series: Yes, #4 Reincarnationist
Dates Read: February 19 - February 23
Number of pages: 416
Off the Shelf (pre-2012)? Source?: yes, NetGalley
Category for 12 in 12 challenge: Class Schedule, Foreign Languages

Robert and Jacinthe L'Etoile inherit the family's
distinguished perfume house but because of
financial difficulties they are at odds of how to
proceed. Jac wants to sell the two most valuable
scents to pay off their debts, but Robbie wants to
try to find the scent that was originally made in the
time of Cleopatra. He believes that this scent would
allow people to connect with their past lives and find
lost love ones.
While trying to find the missing formula, Jac and
Robbie connect with stories of ancestors that worked
for Napoleon in the 19th century and Tibetan monks
in the current day trying to locate the 12 memory tools
that are related to reincarnation.
The premise of the story was very intriguing, however,
since this is the 4th in the series and I have not read any
of the previous books, I felt a bit lost during the reading.
There were points where the story dragged, and others
where the change in one locale/character to another was
slightly confusing. The flow of the book didn't grab me
and take on the journey. Maybe if I'd read the first three,
but not this one alone.

I do want to thank Simon & Schuster for the opportunity
to read this book through Net Galley.

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