I'm running out of time!

I'm running out of time so I've decided that I'm going to take advantage of a few overlaps to move me forward and closer to my goal. (the holidays - parties, shopping, decorating, baking all take time away from reading - so far I had 2 parties and been to 3 others - finished shopping and only partially finished wrapping - baking is done but visiting and parties aren't)

113. Defending Angels I've finished but haven't written the review yet.

114. Scones and Bones - recorded in Something New will double up in Setting up Housekeeping- cooking and crafts finishing that category

115. Outlander - recorded in Blind Date will double up in Love and Marriage (it was long enough for two books and went from meeting to marriage so it works) finishing up that category

I'm 2/3 done with Innocent traitor and will count that as Historical fiction as well as Honeymoon (it does have a foreign setting) so that will be 116 and 117. I'm trudging through The most Dangerous Thing (an ER) #118, having trouble with the download of The mischief of the mistletoe for #119, 120 (Historical fiction as well as Honeymoon)and lastly have Death in Vienna for #121(I swore to myself at the beginning of the y ear that I would get this one read - last book of course LOL)

SO 4 books (Innocent traitor,The most Dangerous Thing,The mischief of the mistletoe,Death in Vienna) and I reach the promise land! (last year I only had 1 overlap - this year 4 and next year as many as 32!) If there's time, I will try to erase the overlaps.

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Tina said...

Whew!!! I'm sure the book police will not lock you up for overlaps. You've had a great year, and deserve to party.