The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

Read: June 6 - June 19
Format: Audiobook 11 CDs equivalent 644 pages
Source: Public Library
Subject: reconcilation, faith, family
Category: Something Borrowed- from the library, sad
Genre: Fiction
Challenges: 11 in 11, 75 Book, SYLL, TIOLI, AUDIO
Stars: ★★★★

Ronnie and her brother Jonah are shipped off to North Carolina to spend the summer at the beach with their father. Sounds like fun right? For Ronnie, it seems anything but. She hasn't spoken with her father since he left their family 3 years ago and now she is going to be forced to live with him for 3 months. Trying to avoid him, Ronnie gets in with the wrong crowd and is picked for shoplifting. Realizing her mistake now that she's in legal trouble, Ronnie makes a complete about face and starts a summer romance with the nicest boy in town. Even though things start to look up at this point, Ronnie is due for a rude awakening to her idyllic summer.

I have read many of Nicholas Sparks books, so when I started this one, I expected to like it, however, the beginning, IMHO, was a bit rough and I was worried for a while until the story took off and then I could barely stop listening. I liked the way that the narration was from several points of view and the resolutions that were eventually arrived at could have seemed a bit contrived, but the impressions came off realistically. The story touched me especially since I was reading on Father's Day and ***SPOILER*** when Steve, Ronnie's Dad died, tears came rolling down my cheeks. Mr. Sparks did not disappoint.

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