Fit to Die by J B Stanley

Read: June 1 - June 3
Format: E-book 240 pages
Source: Nook - B&N
Subject: Dieting, revenge, commercial competition
Category: Something New - books acquired in 2011
Challenges: 11 in 11, 75 Book, TIOLI, BOYS
Stars: ★★★½

Fit to Die is the second of the Supper Club Mysteries. The Flab Five have been falling off their diets rather than having the pounds fall off, so when a new Diet guru, Veronica Levitt, meets Professor Henry and Lindy buying items that are not on their diets, she convinces them to sign up along with the rest of the Flab Five at her new diet center Witness to Fitness. The night before their new commitment, "Ronnie" sees all the group at the Polar Pagoda eating ice cream served up by a likeable Willy Kendrick which then leads to a verbal altercation between the two proprietors. However, Ronnie hasn't made a lot of friends, the food and prices at Witness to Fitness don't invoke the warm fuzzies for any of the members, and after the arson fire of the Polar Pagoda and death of the night watchman, the Flab Five decide that some investigation is in order. It gets even deeper when the prime suspect, Ronnie is found dead.

This tightly-woven story is very entertaining mainly because of the small town setting and the magnificent characters. I'm definitely going to "devour" this series.

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