Buffalo West Wing by Julie Hyzy

Read: April 9 - April 10
Format: Nookbook 320 pages
Source: Barnes & Noble, Off my Shelf
Subject: terrorists, kidnapping, hostages, transitions, protocols
Category: Something New - books that were acquired or released in the last 12 months
Challenges: 11 in 11, 75 Book, TIOLI, BOYS
Stars: ★★★★½

Upheaval reigns supreme in this book, the fourth installment of the White House Chef series and there is no way that the reader can be disappointed. President Campbell has retired and is replaced by new President Hyden along with a family that includes two small children, Josh and Abby.

On Inauguration Day a mysterious box of chicken wings shows up in the kitchen addressed to the children - they are a favorite of theirs. However, Ollie will not allow them to be given to the children because of their unknown origin - procedures. Unbeknownst to her, Cyan, her assistant, gives the wings to the laundry staff and the following morning, not only is the majority of the staff in the hospital, but the hospital is under siege by terrorists. The Secret Service is keeping all the details of the Wings under wraps (they turn out to be poisoned). Since the First Lady is unaware of this service that Ollie's given by withholding the wings from the children, the new First Lady is not exactly Ollie's greatest fan and so brings their personal family chef into the White House. Here a new conflict arises because Chef Ballantine (a true prima donna) thinks he is the new Executive Chef and controls the kitchen but is informed that Ollie is still Chief cook and is his boss.

Slowly the story and mystery build to its climax which has an edge of your seat conclusion. This series is great and the changes that are incorporated because of the election of a new president keep the stories fresh and exciting. The characters are all slowly being revealed to the reader just as you meet and get to know new friends. Love the series!

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