Murder is Binding by Lorna Barrett

Read: March 6 - March 9
Format: paperback 288 pages including recipes
Source: Barnes & Noble 2009
Subject: independent booksellers, twins, fraud, murder
Challenges: 11 in 11, 75 Book, TIOLI, BOYS
Category: Something Old - read those TBRs
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Stars: ★★★★

In the first BookTown mystery, the reader is introduced to Stoneham, New Hampshire, a small town which has revitalized its Main Street by inviting booksellers of all genres to open bookstores. Tricia Miles opened Haven't Got a Clue, a store for mystery lovers. Right next store is the Cookery, a cookbook store owned and operated by Doris Gleason, probably the least favorite person in town, so it's not surprising when she is found, by Tricia, murdered in her shop and a valuable old cookbook missing.

Little does Tricia know that she's in for a boat load of trouble because the Sheriff (Wendy Adams) thinks Tricia is after her boyfriend and so sets out to blame Tricia for the murder. Just as all these problems happen, Angelica Prescott, Tricia's not so loving sister, descends on Stoneham because of her impending divorce, seeking family to sustain her. Even though they are not the closest siblings, Tricia and Angelica set out to clear up the murder since Sheriff Wendy sees no reason to investigate further.

The whole idea of BookTown has the reader wishing that it really existed and that they could hop on a bus and arrive in this quaint little town and buy books. I know that I'd be on the bus in a heartbeat. The characters in this book are fun, dysfunctional, and in some ways unique to the Cozy genre and in others welcomed friends. Can't wait to visit the other bookstores! I loved it!

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