The White Queen by Philippa Gregory

Read: February 15 - February 20
Format: Audiobook 13 CDs and paperback 660 pages
Source: Piblic Library and Owned
Subject: War of the Roses, Tudor rebellion, murdered princes, Elizabeth Woodville
Challenges: 11 in 11, 75 Book, TIOLI, BOYS, SYLL
Category: Something Borrowed - from the library/sad
Genre: Historical Fiction
Stars: ★★★½

British history is filled with figures that have been taken by writers and had their "story" re-written adding romance, passion, intrigue - all speculation - but turning them into great stories. The White Queen takes the life of Elizabeth Woodville, a Lancastrian widow, who married Edward, a Yorkist king, and presents her life from her point of view. Elizabeth was the mother of the Princes in the Tower and the grandmother of Henry VIII. Yet the story told in this book show her not just as a queen but basically as a wife, mother, sister, daughter who only got involved in the political arena to protect her children.

Having read other books about the last Plantagenets, the War of the Roses (white rose Yorkist, red rose Lancaster) and the start of the Tudor dynasty, I found this author's hypothesis extremely fascinating because they were so completely different from other fictional accounts that I had read.

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