Mr. Lincoln's high-tech war by Thomas B Allen

Read: February 6 - February 7
Format: Hardback 139 pages
Source: Public Library
Subject: inventions, warfare improvements(?)
Category: The Engagement: this is getting serious
Genre: History
Challenges: 11 in 11, 75 Book, TIOLI, SYLL
Stars: ★★★

I've read several, okay lots , of books related to the American Civil War, but until I read this book, I never really thought about how history was very much changed by how the war was fought, not just the reasons for which it was fought. This book illustrated how warfare was definitively changed by the inventions of the day.

Naval operations were altered by the elimination of sails being replaced by total steam-powered vessels. Ironclading was added for defense along with revolving gun turrets and the first submarines were utilized. Blockade runners had telescoping funnels to reduce their profiles when trying to slide into harbors unnoticed. There were even the beginnings of "aircraft carriers" with rafts that were used to launch hot air balloons used for air reconnaissance.

The last Calvary battles were fought because of the improvement of the accuracy of the newest repeating rifles. Troops were moved via the railroad saving time and the telegraph was used to send commands directly to the field Operations.

Amazing that all these changes took place during the Civil War and really seem to go unnoticed.

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Anna and Serena said...

I recently read about how WWI was challenge by the technology of the time, so this one sounds good to me. An excerpt of your review will be posted on War Through the Generations on April 6.