Weekend Wonderings

This week I got to thinking, why is it that I never seem to have enough books? Why am I always looking for another book to read?

Feel free to play along, just post a link to your blog or comment here and we can all wonder together.

I have, in the past, purchased, borrowed, found hundreds (not kidding) of books that are sitting on my shelves waiting to be read. I thought they sounded interesting when I got them, yet for some reason, they are still unread. I pondered this question within my mind and came to the conclusion that there are several causes at the root of this issue.

1. We've all heard about having eyes bigger than our stomach when we put too much on our plates and can't finish our food, well, that's me with books. I think it's a disease because whenever I hear about another interesting book, I have to find it right away and that just shoves the other books that I already have deeper into the mushroom cloud that is my TBR list. One day soon it will envelope the earth!

2. I read a great book and it is part of a series and I want to find out the next adventures, so I go and get all the rest of the series. Mushroom cloud expansion again!

3. One of my fellow book bloggers is having a contest and the book being given away looks good so I throw my name into the hat not believing that I will win, and what's the old saying - Lo and behold, my name is picked. Another book is on its way to my house.

4. My friends know that I love to read, so they bring/send the books they're finished with so that I can "enjoy" them too.

This year I am taking a challenge for reading Books Off Your Shelf (BOYS) so if you see the BOYS tag on my Challenges for I book I read, I have successfully removed one book from the mushroom cloud in an effort to avoid the disaster of collapsing bookshelves.

Okay, so what are your excuses/reasons for constantly inflating your bookshelves?

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