Mailbox Monday

I am falling down on the job of posting the great books that I have received in my mailbox the last two weeks so I want to catch up and let you all know how lucky I am.

Another Mailbox Monday!!! Mailbox Monday is hosted by Marcia at The Printed Page. This is a feature where we all share with each other the exciting books that showed up at our doors this week. WARNING: Mailbox Mondays can lead to extreme envy and ever-growing wishlists!!

First, 2½ weeks ago, I received notice that I had won the ER book Bury Your Dead - the newest Louise Penny/Armand Gamache mystery. I was excited and figured I would get it sometime late August. Lo and Behold as the saying goes two days later it showed up in my mailbox. I was ready to read it and posted my review a few days ago.

Then came my surprise this past week. I received an ARC of Laura Childs' newest Scrapbooking mystery Fiber and Brimstone. I hadn't requested, in fact I didn't even know there was a chance of me getting it, but apparently, because I have reviewed her books before in ARC form, I got this one immediately. I was thrilled and am looking for to it immensely.

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