Eat Cake by Jeanne Ray

Read: August 10 - August 15
Format: Audio 6 CDs equivalent 258 pages
Source: Public Library
Subject: unemployment, rehabilitation, comfort zones
Category: A Full Course Meal - Dessert
Genre: Fiction
Challenges: 101020, 75 Book, TIOLI, AUDIO,SYLL
Stars: 3

Ruth's comfort zone is cake. Whenever something isn't right she thinks of cake. When things are wrong she bakes cakes. She tries to hide that she bakes as much as she does, but isn't successful when it comes to her family. She has a somewhat rebellious teenager daughter, a divorcée mother who is afraid to live alone, and a husband who has just been laid off from his job of 22 years and going through a mid-life crisis. At this moment she is confronted with a phone call that her father (with whom her mother can't bear to be in the same room) needs to come and live with them temporarily because of two broken wrists.

The stories and antics that follow are at times hilarious and others tearful. But always in the background is Ruth's need for cake in some form or other. How it all works out is a bit predictable but still enjoyable.

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