Weekend Wonderings

It is extremely hot! What has that got to do with reading, you say? Well, I was just wondering if the weather ever effects what you read, where you, or even if you read?

For me, I love to read when the air has a chill and is crisp and clear so when the hot, humid, hazy days arrive in my area, I either hide inside to read or don't read much. Now that might change a bit with my new Nook e-reader because one of the reasons that don't like to read when it's hot is that my hands get sweaty and the pages smudge my fingers with ink. But an e-reader doesn't do that, so I'm going to see if this changes my reading habits for the rest of the summer. Also, when it's hot I don't want to read stories set in the fall or winter and I don't like to read winter stories in the spring or summer so I think that weather does affect my reading. What about you?

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