Turkey Day Murders by Leslie Meier

Read: July 12 - July 14
Format: hardback 230 pages
Source: Barnes & Noble
Subject: Native American, casinos, corporate pressure
Challenges: 101020, 75 Book, TIOLI,
Category: Full Course Meal - Meat
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Stars: 3

Lucy Stone has taken on the job of reporter for the Pennysaver weekly paper in her small hometown. While reporting on local events she gets embroiled in the controversy surrounding the local unrecognized Native American tribe and their push for authentication. At the same time all this debate is being waged, Lucy is looking forward to her son Toby coming home for Thanksgiving - his first visit since going off to college. He appears _ extremely late - and instead of bringing just one guest, he's brought three, his roommate and their two girlfriends.

This book was a simple little mystery of who killed the person who was most against the casino and Tribal recognition, but I was prepared for Lucy to murder her own son for his inconsiderateness and was very surprised by her reactions and actions. Definitely brain candy.

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