Spring Book Exchange - JACKPOT!

Yesterday was a Jackpot day! Tina, my oldest sister, of Tutu's Two Cents and I had arranged that on her next trip south from her home in Maine we would exchange books. Here's the pile I got from her.

Map of True Places
Any Bitter Thing
Fireworks over Toccoa
South of Broad
Bone Collector
Singer's Gun

Then for my Civil War reading she brought me...

Days of Defiance
Coming Fury
A Country of Our Own
Worth Fighting For

Who needs the library when you have a sister like Tina (who's also a librarian)!

I gave her close to 40 books from my library - some were for her to keep, some just to read, others to donate to her little library in Maine.

Mom came with Tina yesterday. We had a lovely lunch (I actually got to cook - making something new from one of my cookbooks) and we had a great time checking our lists - it was like Christmas in Spring! Next time we'll have to try to get sister Maureen into the mix because then it would be SUPERJACKPOT!

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Tina said...

The books were great, but the most fun was just being together doing what we both love best - blabbing about books.