Lumby Lines by Gail Fraser

Read: May 6 - May 13
Format: Trade Paperback 328 pages
Source: FSB Associates for review
Subject: Small towns, monastery, change in life goals
Setting: Pacific NW
Category: Books found - Internet/thru LT/library/bookstore
Genre: FictionChallenges: 101020, 75 Book,
Stars: 4½

I can't figure out where to start, I LOVED this book. The style was different but the same, the story was light-hearted but serious, the characters were ones you want to kick in the butt and give a big hug.

This is the story of Pam and Mark who decide to chuck it all and buy the burned out monastery in Lumby and convert it to an Inn. But along the way we meet the architect friend of Pam who is also taken with Lumby, the monks that had abandoned the monastery, and the residents of the town - There are a resentful codger who doesn't want the Monastery restored, a 90+ year old woman who is getting a prenuptial agreement for her 4th marriage, a plastic flamingo (Hank) who dresses for the seasons, and rambunctious teenagers that get into trouble. Then you have a dog for the mayor, cows that wander into a hidden marijuana field and eat it all, goats in a bank vault eating money, and chickens that escape from their crates and are hidden from recapture by heaven knows who.

Add to that Police blotter entries with all the day to day happenings of the inhabitants as well as the newspaper articles telling of the town happenings. It amazed me how many times the windows in the church were shot out at the same time as a neighbor was scaring off deer and moose with a gun - do you think they may have been related?

Can you understand just a little why I loved this book? I can't wait to read the next installment - I think I have to go to the bookstore this weekend to find it.

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Cozy in Texas said...

I stopped by your blog today. This sounds like a wonderful read. Thanks for the review.
Ann Summerville
Cozy In Texas