The Charlemagne Pursuit by Steve Berry

Read: Mar 4 - Apr 1
Format: AUDIO, 13 CDs, 736 pages
Source: Public Library
Setting: Anarctica, Germany, NC, GA, DC
Category: I Heard Them!
Challenges: 101020, 75 Book, SYLL, Audio, Read your Name - Letter C, TIOLI, Chunkster, Thriller
Stars: 3½

Cotton Malone has finally found a way to get the information which could lead to the answers of what happened to his father nearly 40 years ago. Calling in favors he is handed the file of the final mission that his father went on. Just as he receives the file he is accosted by agents of an unknown adversary.

As the story evolves, Malone is caught between antagonistic twin daughters of a German who was also on the mission with his father and want the same information. As in the past, Berry weaves a parallel story involving Stephanie Nell pitted against, this time, an Admiral that wants an appointment to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and who knows exactly what Malone is searching for.
I love the Cotton Malone series because of the way that Steve Berry manages to take some ancient historical fact/artifact and weave it masterfully into thriller that will hold my interest even while generating questions of whether something like this could actually happen.

Looking forward to the next adventure!

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