Weekend Wonderings - Book Mark Day

Tomorrow is BOOKMARK Day!

For avid readers, we couldn't live without our bookmarks! There are magnetic ones that clip to the top of the page, there are elastic ones that hug your book with a brace in the middle, a thread sewn into the binding, there are cloth ones, leather ones, paper or embroidered ones, there are small ones, tall ones, there are even cyber bookmarks on the Internet. They can be fancy or plain, a scrap of torn paper or an elegant printed piece of cardboard. They can have pictures of beautiful places or people we know. They can be verses that we love or funny catch phrases. Some people even use the corner of the page turned down to be a bookmark. Whatever it is that you use for your bookmarks, we all know that a reader absolutely hates to lose any special indicator that was in a book.

For me, probably the worst bookmark I ever used was a piece of Toilet paper (Don't worry, it was unused) and probably the nicest was a magnetic bookmark that my niece made for me.

So what is the worse looking bookmark you have ever used and what is the nicest?


Myckyee said...

I didn't know there was such a thing as bookmark day! I don't know which my favourite would be, though I've had a few. Some with art on them, probably. Great post!

Kaye said...

Hi Cheli, I hope you checked your e mail especially your spam box as you won The Teaberry Strangler at Pudgy Penguin Perusals