A SECOND HELPING by Beverly Jenkins

Read: Mar 24 - Mar 27
Format: Paperback, 386 pages
Source: LibraryThing ER program
Subject: Foster care, infidelity, coming of age, adoption
Setting: Henry Adams, Kansas
Category: Books found - Internet/thru LT/library/bookstore
Genre: Cozy romance
Challenges: 101020, 75 Book, 50 State
Stars: 3

This book is the continuation of the tale of Henry Adams, Kansas which had been purchased by Bernadine Brown off of EBay. The characters are rich and invite the reader into a place that they are endeavoring to improve with Ms. Brown's help. They have built a school which they name after the current teacher of 40 years, they support emotionally and mentally the five children that they have "adopted" into their town and their hearts, and they have shown that even while their town is being transformed, their lives can be as well.

This book which I won on the LibraryThing ER program is the continuation of a story started in a book titled BRING ON THE BLESSINGS. Bernadine Brown has divorced her philandering husband and had received a $275 Million divorce settlement which she promptly used to purchase the town of Henry Adams, Kansas off of EBay. The idea is intriguing and I (as an EBay buyer) got caught up in the story - hook, line and sinker. I am definitely going to be looking for the first book. Since this version was a Uncorrected proof I didn't hold the numerous printing errors against the story being told. But it definitely need a good proofreader - not just a spellchecker.

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