Read: Feb 18 - Feb 27
Format: Paperback, 304 pages
Source: Author for review
Subject: murder, funeral home
Category: Cuddle up with a good cozy mystery
Genre: Cozy mystery
Challenges: 101020, 75 Book, BOSC
Stars: 2½

The second Cackleberry Club mystery begins with the discovery of Ozzie on the embalming table dead by an unknown hand that has killed him by removing his blood. Sounds kind of creepy but the story moves away from the method to the interaction of Suzanne with Sheriff Doogie who is being pressured by the Mayor of Kindred to solve t he murder quickly. Suzanne's finding of another murder victim several days later, doesn't help Doogie's situation.

As the story evolves, the activities at the Cackleberry Club help to move the story along until the Cake Decorating Contest and Winners Gourmet Dinner bring all the pieces together.

I truly enjoy the cozy mysteries by Laura Childs, but I don't think that this was one of her best. I felt a bit shortchanged because the culprit didn't seemed to really appear in the story until the end. I felt that the reader wasn't really given enough information to solve the mystery with the clues given throughout the story. That said, I still enjoyed the tale and will look for the next one.

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